Thursday, March 28, 2019

Eggs -actly!

Dear reader: do not despair!  There is no intention of ceasing publication of the “Feeder” as long as my fingers can push keys.   There may be longer gaps between posts but the Feeder will continue to yak about stuff.  Part of the issue which I may have alluded to before is that it is difficult for me to “go to” places.  I feel bad about just regurgitating other’s articles, but I think some of them deserve your attention.  Once again, the other day, MFO said “so and so” really enjoys your blog.   That keeps me going..

Okay, that’s enough about me, let me tell you what I’ve done lately (ha ha).  One of the (few) positives of this condition is that I get to meet new folks, who come to help me.  One such is our latest “home health Nurse” who happens to live down near Park Hall and has a farm.  One of the things she does is raise chickens of varying breeds (including so-called “heritage” stock).  So what do chickens do?  Eat, s**t, and produce eggs!  She graciously offered to bring us a dozen or so, and brings them when she visits.

Here is our first dozen

Note the variations in color (top left) and size (second from top left).  Very pretty.
Enthused with a source of “farm fresh” product we have sort of increased our consumption of egg dishes.  Kind of starts at same place (haven’t tried soft boiled yet)

Then a quick whisk (with maybe a dash of cream or water) note size and color of yolks!

Then if time is precious a simple scramble is easy

Not your vapid “giant” pale yellow, but vibrant golden (isn’t “real food” wonderful!) and so tasty.  If there is more time (say, Sunday mornings), the Feeder steps to the stove, preps a filling (in this case sausage, green peppers, onions) sauteed until soft, adding a few chopped garlic cloves right at the end to prevent burning (all too easy – believe me!) and set aside while the omelet is prepared in our wonderful All-Clad stainless pan

And adding the filling on one side while eggs may be still runny on top, letting residual cooking finish the job, and roll the dish to the side of the pan and with a quick wrist (if you’re lucky) turn out a beautifully formed and cooked omelet.  Add some Romano cheese and parsley flakes.

Of course on a Sunday morning, there’s time to do it (just) right with Starbucks's coffee and a beautiful, fruity Argentinian Sparking Rose of Malbec.

Life can be good!
And we didn’t turn the camera around to let you see if we were

Monday, March 4, 2019

where does that time GO!!?

By golly there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since the Feeder was able to get this on the airwaves.  Many of you also know I spread my immense talents to the humble social media of geriatrics of Facebook.  Snapchat? What’s that? I did use instigram sporadically, which seems to attract chefs and foodies, but somehow I stay away from that.  Anyway, we’ll kind of do a recap of what transpired in my little world, and those that do do Facebook know I am currently again residing Johns Hopkins.

First of all a cartoon from somewhere that is pretty true to life according to my wine purveyor friends

Okay, lady, how about….??

Then we were favored with a visit from the (whole) FOJTY family, including our granddogs, the always inquisitive (did I hear somebody mention Treats?) Duke:

And a kind of laid up Smoke whose toenail ran afoul of something in the woods and his mobility has been hampered by the cute little bandage on his paw

Now that he is home in Kansas, he Is apparently returning to his rambunctious self.  We all had a good time and FOJTY helped a lot with various chores by being at the digs, not to mention loving their company

And recently we were glad to see the lights go on in our “new” Starbucks which features a drive through.

It’s a bit more spacious inside than its predecessor across the street. Has a long communal table

And is paying tribute to service men of which we have many (as evidenced by the back wall)

But the key thing is that they continue to push out the drinks, both traditional and froo-froo (the feeder’s latte to the right)

It will be a great help to moi to use the drive in window, only one entry and exit from the flutter mobile.  Fortunately, the “old” manager is also installed in a similar capacity at the new place.  He’s a nice person..(and a Feeder Follower).

As mentioned earlier, I am once again ensconced in the rooms of Johns Hopkins

to once again remove excess water from my system.   This is done by injection and injections of Lasix. And can provide some possible confusions (sorry if too graphic, it’s my world nothing is sacred in a Hospital)

Although there are more interesting choices to be made
On the left is Starbuck’s on the right local.  I hate to shoot my silver bullet

So far have suffered the domestic version..  basically flavored water
And they must have small cows in Pennsylvania

IF this works, I will be able to be more current, however the breadth of experiences here is limited.

Oh, knowing that time will hang heavy at times, two good friends supplied a diversion from our/past.  remember these?  Your mother (or you!) probably have one in the kitchen

Finally, before I came, I gathered some material to follow up on

 A little article and info about the rapidly growing movement away from animal protein to other sources, such as is found in the “Impossible Burger” (tastes like beef!)

So far I have not had to battle MJ appearing on my tray and current circumstance makes it difficult to