Sunday, April 1, 2018

Bunnies, Eggs, Cows and Fishes

First of all, best wishes for a happy and joyous Easter or Passover to you and your families!

Hippety Hop
MFO got up and decided to execute a “Eggs Benedict Kit” given to us by the FOJTE’s

As an aside we kind of wondered what Canadian “Style” bacon is.  MFO opined that it might be kind of like Champagne, you only call it “Canadian” if it is from that country.

Of course you know that Eggs bene calls for poached eggs, and while we do have one of those little pans with cups which you set over the water..too easy, and looks artificial.   So of course the feeder has to go the classic way of simmering water, adding some vinegar, and creating a little whirlpool, and carefully slipping the egg into the water from a ramekin.

And waiting a couple of minutes before gently removing it.  I always get mixed results, hit or miss, with more or less strings of whites, and placement of the yolk within the egg.  At least I now rarely break the yolk.  Results are sometimes okay, sometimes not as in below with okay on the left and not so much on the right.  

Hand trimming the egg can help but I rarely do it..
It turned out to be a pretty good dish anyway

A good way to start the day, with nothing on the docket. 

Upping the game
Yesterday (Saturday) we met a collection of friends from near and far that can get together once is a while.  We decided on lunch since a couple of them had to get places for the evening.   Where to go?   Another dining category of mine is “Civilized Lunch”, meaning good friends and conversation spent over good food with no particular time constraints. Of course our dear departed CafĂ© Des Artistes was perfect, and without that option, things get a little short.  We decided to have our group of six descend on the Cow and Fish in Hollywood. 

Well, the place seems to continue to take care of a few bugs I've noted on at least 4 previous visits here and there, and may become the fine dining destination.  I would prefer white tablecloths, but it does have kind of a nice cozy feel to it, especially for lunch.

While they still serve water in mason jars (can this fad go away, please?) they at least have feet on their “up” glasses, and thank goodness stems on the wine glasses.  I really don’t go there often enough to be sure, but I don’t think much has changed on the menu, although there is the ubiquitous blackboard with specials.  Service seems to be much more accomplished and professional, like yesterday our server sensed that we were not rushed, and didn’t pester us to order until we were ready.   And as memory serves (after a martini and glasses of wind) I don’t recall a “how is everything?”, or requests met with “absolutely” or “perfect”.  Can add so much to the experience.

So while a few tweaks seem to be taking hold, I thought the food has really improved (it was very good to start with) into the excellent range.  Soon after we were seated the chef brought out a table amuse bouche of a lovely clam dish:

Bits of garlic, a great lemon sauce, and the clams were tender and meaty.  Later we learned that it was being considered for an addition to the menu, and we supported that notion.  A dish of crab dip completed the appetizer course (with a nice sauvignon blanc).   Main courses included:
 Fish (perch) bites

A fish (perch) sandwich

A (badly pictured) earthy, creamy mushroom ravioli

And I had a chicken dish without sauce), and it was also quite tasty. everything was presented nicely and at the proper temperature

We did multiple fork deserts (Limoncello and Carrot Cake(s), probably not house made, but very tasty.

Now, instead of the Cow and Fish being a second thought place, it should be a main option for gracious dining..

Taking a chance
WARNING: what follows is solely about sports and some may be offended by the content..  So feel free to jump to DFD and go about your way, so I’m taking a chance to get this off my brain and chest anyway.

As you ought to know, the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament was recently reduced to the final four, and yesterday to the two teams that will play Monday (9;20pm tip for God's sake!) for this year's champion.  The tournament contained several surprises and unexpected and historical results (like number 16 seed UMBC ousting number one seed Arizona).  But all of those storylines have been pushed aside by the Loyola of Chicago Ramblers, an 11th seed.

And before getting rantful, let me interject that the window through which we are forced to observe things is governed by the “media” not necessarily the players and coaches.  The NCAA is fond of saying it’s all about the “Student Athletes”.   Well the Loyola Student Athletes have been robbed of any recognition for their remarkable accomplishments by a 98 year old Nun (Sister Jean), who apparently never met a microphone or camera she doesn’t like.   Again, admittedly they are stuck in her face by the media, but I never heard a “thanks, not now, go talk to the players”.   Nope, she’s right there on the sidelines. There was even a news conference for her.   And last night, when it was looking like the streak would be ended by Michigan with maybe 4 or 5 minutes left, who did we see leaving the arena?  If I were a parent of one of the players, I think I might feel cheated by the little old lady. 

Okay, that’s it, GO BLUE!  Although I don’t think they stand the proverbial snow ball's chance against Villanova, who can sink threes from the parking lot.  But, as they say, that’s why they play the game!

Okay, go

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