Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Much Ado about not much

There’s something wrong with me…not news I suppose. Anyway, when we get into those “headed this way” things with storms, I just sort of go into a shell and the muses get shoved out by the “what if?”; “how will I?”; “where’s the?” demons. So doing the blog sort of takes a back seat and right after I (mildly) rant about words, I don’t have many. After the mental torture proved to be pretty much futile, we can begin to think of food things and events. just a couple of things...

I see that the “Texas Roadhouse” folks have applied for their liquor license. Maybe they’ll nose out the Cracker Barrel as our next opportunity to eat pre-fabricated, packaged, and frozen foods. Served badly.

A little bright spot arrived via the mail box this week in the form of new issues of Garden and Gun, and also The Art of Eating. I haven’t had much time to digest them yet, G&G features an issue devoted to Bluegrass Music “The New Sound of the South – A hundred years after the birth of Bill Monroe, Americans are rediscovering - and reinventing – the soulful sound of bluegrass”. Will make interesting reading. But there is also the foodie stuff like an article on Chicken Pot Pie (oh, my, Chicken Potpie) taken to a new level.. The cover on the AOE proclaims in block letters “Really Good Goat Cheese”, the lead article about the Cheeses of Soyoung Scanlan, with a following article on making your own fresh cheese. There’s an interesting article on Madeira wine .. did you know it can be aged for up to 50 years? So much to little time.

whoops! time to go


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