Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Eve!!

nothing to do with Adam....

I have just been informed that today is the last day of 2013… to which I replied:  “where DOES that time go?”.  This fact then, of course, leads to sort of looking back over the previous 12 months.  One is tempted to create one of those stupid lists of (excuse me) “Best and Worst dressed, films, restaurants, shows, yadda yadda”, that pop up every year at this time.  And I won’t go into my normal tirade on the word “best”, hopefully you know my feelings there.

It was kind of a busy time for the Feeder and MFO, and will be remembered as (to sort of plagiarize the Chinese) "The Year of the Travel" for us.  Slammed into the last half of the year (as you are most likely painfully aware) were two trips to France, and one to England.  In addition to those, last March, MFO joined her high school “Green Candle” group in Louisiana for a Cajun experience with the Road Scholar program (Elder hostel is passé),  she also did a solo out and in to Missouri to deliver some stuff to her brother, and we just recently returned from the annual holiday visit to the FOJ’s.  On the road (and in the air).

What stands out on the trips were the friends and…..wait for it…..the food!  
France One saw us dining at a Michelin Three Star

And the wonderful dining aboard our barge

Well, also the accompaniment to dining.

France Two showed us the “inside” stuff from pot making

To baking

And cooking instruction by the indefatigable Chef Loic

England lent more of a historical flavor, visiting places where the Calverts lived

(Hook Manor)

Where we were hosted by some descendants of the Arundells for a lovely lunch

Receiving souvenirs of America

And we debunked the myth that there is no fine dining in England

This trip was ably led by the (also) indefatigable (I love that word) Henry Miller, who always took the opportunity for more research (here at the tomb of Anne Mynne)

And so concludes a year of great travel experiences, good food, sights, and most importantly new friends.  Kudos go to Cole Travel and Quality Street Catering for organizing the trips. 

As we conclude another year of Feeders, Ye Olde Editor would like to thank all those who take a moment to read this stuff.  I always appreciate a kind word, it keeps me going for hopefully yet another year.

And, as “somebody” said, no matter how far you roam, it’s always good to see

Where of course pretty darn good food gets created, causing you to be

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