Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scotland Tripping..

I can't understand this... tonight I finally get good internet, so i try to post a quickie on Facebook and the damn hotel blocks the site. what the hell is up with this?

I apologize to my readership that I have not been able to catch up with our ramblings.  they have been many, and have included interesting good meals.  and lest you think that all we do is eat, we see neat stuff...


Today, on our way to Inverness we had a lovely lunch at the "Old Inn"

 they served a very tasty Salmon lunch

After that, we wended our way through the Highlands to our current overnight in Inverness (nearby Loch Ness)

We are in a very nice modern hotel, and feeling frisky, I decided to get a cocktail in the bar. while MFO was getting ready for dinner. 

Intestingly enough, I find that the Scots don't do many cocktails (remember the DMOTRWAT experince in Ayr?).  Anyway, as I said, I went down early while MFO was getting DFD, and entered the lobby for a nice drink.  Turned out that you had to go to a little window to order, where there was a very nice young lady. So I figured what the hell, "gimme a Dirty Gray Goose Martini, up, with olives".  Blank stare.  "what was that again?"  Repeated, another blank stare with an earnest smile.  She held a bottle of Martini and Rossi white vermouth up, and said "does it use this?".  Yes it does.  "and what else?"  Gray Goose Vodka.  Search ensued and finally she produced a bottle of maybe Finlandia, and said "this is all we have for Vodka".  Okay, fine, we're in recovery mode now.  Yes, that will work.  Um, how much?  well, it's usually three parts Vodka to one of Vermouth..  Okay..  She reached for a "tall glass" and a jigger.  (let's keep going here).  Good.  Three (one ounce) jiggers of Vodka in the glass.  "now, how much of the other stuff?"  Oh, about an ounce.  Carefully measured and added to the glass, which now was maybe a couple of inches or so above the bottom.  "would you like some ice, sir?"  Yes, that would be fine.  Ice up to about half full.  "now, you said you would like some Olives?"  That would be great.  Out came a little side dish and a tupperware container of olives, both black and green.  She proceeded to put several of each in the dish, provided a stabber, and handed it over. Fine, thank you, i would like to charge it to my room.  Well, apparently that is not on the menu.  Cash would be fine.  13 Pounds for:

Dinner was another of the pick one of three from appetizers, mains, and desserts.  But this time we were served in the restaurant with a nice place setting..

and instead of the Xerox sheet we had in the more rustic western regions of Scotland (which was "just right" for that setting) we had a very civilized menu.

Without the eye strain, we both had the "prawn, melon, parma ham salad with Rose Marie Dressing" for starters, and MFO took the "Slow Braised Blade of Scotch Beef with Calendonian Ale Gravy" and (to be different) I chose the Crispy Fillets of Sea Bass, Fricasse of Savoy, and Pancetta Pine Nut
Starter was:

Note popcorn shrimp disguised as "Prawns"...  but they tasted good.  As did the entrees:

I didn't get to MFO before she forked it up, but it was very tender.. My "crispy" sea bass:

as a quick aside, i am not sure why it is served skin side up.. anyway it was very flavorful and a nice meal in a nice setting.. Despite any shortcomings on the Feeder scale of eating, sharing food in a different company with friends is wonderful

Tomorrow we have a little lighter day, and will visit more historic sites..

It is very nice to be in a different country with different ideas of culture and customs.  It gives one some perspective on our lives, and maybe the idea that Americans don't always have it right..

More to come

Yikes, It's late and i'm still


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