Friday, July 27, 2012


Location: Isle of Mull... today's trip to Island of Iona..great lunch much history.. try to report. later.  so many things so little time.

Tough to update because mostly we’re “doing” rather than taking time to document. So this may be a bit disjointed, terse,  and quick..

After that really good dinner in our first hotel in Ayr, as reported, the next night we eschewed the “group eat”syndrome”and deciced to dine at the TripAdvisor recommendation of Carrick Lodge restaurant. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It appeared to be sort of a restaurant associated with a family hotel so there were family groups in the place with youngsters. And yes, cry Southern Maryland, there was a group included a person with a ball cap. We were seated near the door, but service was good. Everyone here is very friendly and accommodating.  I ordered a starter of the “Tower of Haggis”, and MFO selected “traditional Cullen Skink” which is not a Lizard, but turned out to be a seafood chowder kind of dish. For main courses, MFO took Chargrilled Ribeye of Sirloin or Fillet; All Steaks are served with Tomato, Portabella Mushroom, Potatoes and Onion Rings… I went more traditional with a main course of Pan Seared Lamb’s Liver with Bacon, Black Pudding, Caramelised Shallots and Red Wine Jus

I didn’t schlep along the little Point and Shoot so no photos. My “tower” was okay, and pretty much the same (Haggis) prep as I had for the appetizer. It was a base of the Haggis, and then a puree of potatoes and turnips (neeps and tatties) to make the tower. Okay. MFO’s chowder was very good. Oh, did I mention that my drink test of a DMOTRWAT resulted in a few cubes of ice in an “up” glass with a cherry in the bottom and a twist swimming around. When served, I asked if it was indeed Dry Vermouth (giving deference to the rosy red hue) and was assured it was, and I suspect a large dose of bitters was responsible. Main courses arrived, and MFO’s steak while ordered medium rare was served medium, and I had several pieces of (I assume) lamb’s liver but it was a bit tough and overly seared on top. The bacon was quite good. When in a new town, one is slave to outside reviews, and in this case I think maybe TripAdivsor wasn’t so helpful.

Our first group dinner in the current hotel (on Mull) was the typical choice of three from three categories.  I took the stuffed pork chop, and MFO chose a beef dish.  She picked the “seafood salad” as an appetizer.  Here’s what that resulted in: Popcorn shrimp, and what the heck is that raw fish looking thing?  Mostly pushed around the plate

My stuffed pork chop as stuffed with…. Haggis!!

That[s the black stuff...  Chop was fairly tough and surrounded by typical veggies…MFO’s beef was tasteless.  Bear in mind here that we are on vacation and dining with friends which overcomes the food (especially on this rather remote Isle), and i have to pay attention to it,  but it was not memorable..

That being said I would have to say that most of the food we’ve had here has been good to excellent.   I will update as able (given the vagaries of internet and time).

Just a comment....One odd thing we’ve encountered is related to the bar..  it’s always about the bar.  Before our welcoming dinner in Ayr, I decided to try a Scotch in the hotel bar.  The nice lady said she had a local scotch.  Okay, gimme that.  One ice cube in a glass, and then out came a jigger.  I swear to god, it was maybe half an ounce.  Barely covered the bottom of the glass.  GImme a double.  Maybe an ounce.  A couple of gulps and it was gone.  Ten pounds.  Another oddity is if you order a glass of wine, they will pour it into another cylindrical measuring device.  Don’t give the customer any extra (okay or any less).  Weird. But hey, it's not our Country!!

Enough for today.  We’ve had so many great experiences it will be hard to keep up..

we try to be

tomorrow Isle of Skye!

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