Saturday, January 9, 2016

a short this and that.

Well, here we are a week into the new year.  And for once, I don’t have any travel stuff to throw at you.  Nothing on the books for a while.

Sooooooo,   maybe I can rant a small bit.  I think I have done this before, but I got tweaked again this week.  Our local county commissioners are considering installing red light and speed cameras.   And once again people come out of the woodwork piously claiming that it all  just a ploy to “get revenue”, red light cameras cause more accidents than they prevent, on and on.  Never seems to occur to them that if nobody speeds (over something like limit plus twelve) or runs red lights (with an x second delay built in) there would be no revenue accruing from said camera.  Paranoid old me, I take all this righteous talk as a thinly veiled “I can speed if I want to!  It’s my right to be able to break laws on a whim;  they have no right to hold me accountable”.  Just obey the damn law.

Secondly, and this isn’t really a rant, but kind of an interesting situation.  It came from one of my “insider” restaurateur magazines that talks about how to increase sales, deal with millennials , and so forth.  It related an experience of a person who joined into an office happy hour kind of thing, and when asked what he would like to drink, said “oh, a glass of red wine”.  Okay fine.  Well when it came time to pay the tab, he found he had two glasses of wine at $15 each.   His gripe was that he should have been told the price upon ordering.  One naturally assumes that if one just says a glass of red wine, a house wine will be served.  Didn’t go into that.  Question is: is it the responsibility of the restaurant to inform a customer of the price?  I would think so, especially when it is pretty high.  I find it a bit difficult when faced with something like this to ask the price.  Seems petty. 

I hate to promise something before the fact, but did I mention that I finally purchased a deep fat fryer?   Was kind of a Merry Christmas to me from me.  I haven’t used it yet.  Wanted to get over the holidays before trying it.  I have been kind of gathering Oyster recipes and will try one out soon.   Most people just dredge in flour and have at it, although I did get what Courtney’s does.  Will wait for a little essay when I break out the device.  I have a line on some duck fat, which is very trendy these days.   So will maybe get that before lighting the burner’s so to speak.

Which brings us to football.  There’s lots.

Enough for now


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