Thursday, December 10, 2009


Although I was aware of this from someplace, somebody reminded me yesterday about a “famous” chef coming to Catamarans on the Solomons by the name of Robert Hesse, apparently a veteran of Hell’s Kitchen (which doesn’t carry much weight with me) who will be the executive chef. That particular term has always confounded me, I’m not never exactly sure what it means. I think sometimes executive chef” means you can use my name, but don’t look for me behind the line. It mentions that he is associated with restaurants in other locations, so I can see where executive chef might lean more on the first word and less on the second.

Certainly any new talent is welcome here, although we do have our share of credible chefs, but there’s just something fishy (Solomons…fishy…get it?) about somebody with alleged credentials landing in the Solomons, especially at that particular establishment. I will freely and gladly admit I have never set foot in Catamarans, but somehow a place with every window full of neon “Bud Light” signs, a porch where people have been purported to carry on in less than a civilized manner, and an observed clientele for whom DFD would mean sleeves, doesn’t sound like a place where I will be going for fine dining.

But, with my usual open mindedness, I will wait and see. A quick walk around google identifies him as being about 30 years old, plus or minus. A quote from one of our local on line newspapers contains the following description/quote: “……working as a Chef in 22 states and around the world and knows what restaurants should offer customers. “Going to one of the chains and waiting 45 minutes to get a table to receive prefabricated food and poor service is just plain wrong,” said Hesse.” Right on, Robert! I couldn’t agree more! But, let’s see, I’m 30 years old, and have worked in 22 states, and around the world, and participated in that reality TV show (which he voluntarily left apparently). Doesn’t seem like maybe been in one spot too long.

But, despite a few misgivings, I will wait and see. It says he “took over” on 5 December, so maybe he will remain on site. We will wait and see. Perhaps the Feeder could disguise himself and go check out the menu by the light of the blue Neon. Foie Gras and a Bud, please! Any stringer reports considered.

SOMD traffic observation du jour:

This morning a large SUV with those silly thin tires (looking even more incongruous on such a large vehicle) pulled up behind me while waiting for the demon inhabited light near our house. It had one of those small grid grills, and over the “GMC” plate was a skull and cross bones metal thingies (such as you see um, those ladies of the road icons). But, below the GMC plate was a bright red Christmas bow.. Arrrrrr, Merry Christmas, Matey!


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