Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lite Grazing Wednesday

Another chance for great grazing last night as I attended the annual party for the “friends” down at Historic St. Mary’s City. Another chance to see the decorations in the State House, with the added benefit of some of the best grazing, as most people brought a “dish to pass” (although somehow they are never passed). There were catered chicken salad croissants and stuffed ham sandwiches, along with a pasta bow tie salad, but most everything else was voluntarily supplied. There was the famous Oyster Stew, Vegetable Crab Soup, and Italian Sausage with Peppers supplied by the hostess, which was as usual quite tasty. Outside of that were a plethora of little plates of things such as batter fried olives, spinach balls, cheeses, sausages, spiced nuts, a myriad of dips and layered things, all the stuff you would expect. Without notes I couldn’t begin to list all. Of course it engendered that unavoidable juggling act of forks, spoons, plates, napkins, and glasses of beverages. Mercifully chairs were arranged around the perimeter so one could sit and balance. The upstairs was devoted to desserts, where lots of people like to strut their stuff. Most everything up there had signs, and there were more cookies than you could sample, let alone the fudges, those little “square” thingies, and "bars" of various kinds. There was some great peanut brittle, some little (St. Mary's County) venison mince meat tartlets, and some “lemon knots” that pleased my palate. And of course on top of all that, there were friends and new people to meet and greet. A great evening. And, (shameless promotion here) you can be part of this next year if you “join” Historic St. Mary’s City, not to mention all the other benefits available for being associated with a great feature of the area in which there is nothing to do..

MFO for her part reported that the meeting discussing the “new” library was split about 50/50 between speakers pro and con. Not here, not now, seems to be the main objection. I suspect that monies will, like all things carry the day. Too bad.

As for "sports" sadly, as William Blake says:

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry

What a waste.


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