Monday, December 19, 2011

Road SITREP one..

just a quick update from New Paris, OH where, after a rather long day, we RON.  Saw all kinds of weather yesterday, from sun to rain to snow.  Snow?  what's that?  oh yeah, that white stuff.  Plan is to push on today to Wisconsin, with the only obstical of note the City of Broad Shoulders..

If you haven't had a chance, check out the story below this ("OMG") and thanks to loyal readers with background on the shape notes.   Used to help "laypeople" and stupes like me with the singing.  In my case it didn't help..

also got a nice stringer report about Big Larry's in Leonardtown.  real local stuff..

And thank you very much vaunted Green Bay Packers who easily put me in first place in my fantasy football league only to mail it in yesterday at KC causing me to lose my playoff game and finish my season.  And a special thanks to Victor Cruz who couldn't hold on to the pigskin...

Yes dear, i'm getting off this thing so we can load and go!  today we will be


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