Friday, April 25, 2014

Just a little of this and that...

Well, it has been a week since I’ve pestered you, but it has been a busy week here in Lake Wobegon.   I have been fighting a losing battle with the germs that kept MFO down for almost a week, so have felt pretty bad all week.  And, as a few may remember or know, I also write a little piece for the Tourism folks for their website.  Although they update it monthly it seems like their deadline is every week so that absorbed time and brain power as well.

In casting about for a suitable subject for them (I can’t really rant about the power poles, or proliferation of chain restaurants for instance) I somehow delved into Rye Whiskey (ingredient of original Manhattan).  Imagine that.  During prohibition, St. Mary’s County was very active in the business of making and “distributing” the illegal spirits.  Even before the fateful day in 1919, Maryland was famous for its Rye Whiskey, and in fact there were many products called “Maryland Rye”.  I found it very interesting to read about the history, and fashioned my “view” out of that.  Of course I couldn’t do an extended treatise there, and won’t here, but you can read at least what I found out if you go to the tourism site and scroll down to "blogs, and see my charming face.   Select “latest post’ and enjoy..

Speaking of power poles, I still can’t get over the atrocity of those damn power poles.  Right through the middle of town (in this case, mostly California).  Some local politician even said on facebook something about they were working for us to bring more efficiency.  And I just discovered (doing my usual due diligence) that our local power company SMECO has a site devoted to the "Southern Maryland Reliability Project" that tells us how we will benefit from this upgrade; complete with maps, timeline bar charts, and details of the project.  I was especially taken with the tab about the “upgraded poles” (which features a picture much like ones I posted in the previous blog) and  leads off with the sentence: “The Southern Maryland Reliability Project’s poles have been engineered to the highest standards and balance functionality with visual aesthetics”. Really?  Looks like function over form to me…  I think functionality tipped the balance hands down.. And they even list the benefits of those poles:

Average height of new poles will be 140 feet with 800 feet between poles
Average height of existing poles is 75 feet with less than 400 feet between poles
Taller poles means fewer poles – nearly half as many as the existing line.
Galvanized steel to naturally blend into the horizon

Gee, I feel better already… “naturally blend into the horizon”  sure, you betcha.  What crap.   Ever heard the phrase: “Lipstick on a pig”?  And either today (Friday) or shortly a helicopter will appear to link all them together with big black wires..  that certainly will help the blending..  If you would like to learn more about how we’re better off, here’s the (IMHO) ridiculous site.


And lastly, right about now as I write this, (4 pm on Friday) the annual ritual of the opening of the Tiki Bar on the Solomons  will be taking place.  Mai Tai’s will be flowing; people will be partying, and lots of the three “B’s”… Beer, Beads, and Boo…other things”.  It truly is a traditional southern Maryland phenomenon.  Just not for me.

Well, there must be something else, but time is approaching to do research on Rye Whiskey and Manhattans.  They say a cure for the flu is to drink plenty of liquids…  doctor is always right


ps, i don't think there is a new chain this week!!

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