Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another done gone...

A lite Wednesday turned into a no Wednesday, but that’s okay there isn’t much to say anyway..just a little bit to pass along

Well, it happened again. I have heard that the Old Field Inn, a venerable restaurant in Prince Frederick will be closing. I have not dined there in years, but as I recall the time(s) I was there, it was acceptable food. Who knows why they’re closing. Pressure from the chains? Jaspers, some Italian like place next door to them? Economy? Who knows. But the thing about independents is that they can’t spread their hurt country wide. There aren’t sites in a hundred cities, it’s just them. So if there’s a down turn, it’s save yourself or close.

In contrast, I’ve noticed that the raising of the Red Robin here in Lexington Park is the most important project in town. Last Sunday about 7 am as I was heading north for the morning cup of enthusiasm, they were already hard at work. This morning I briefly counted at least 15 souls toiling away. Must be being worked almost 24/7. Right now it’s “Green Robin” as the exterior boards are that pea green color. So pretty soon you can get that $9.79 “Royal Red Robin Burger - …… the aristocrat of all burgers because we crown it with a fresh fried egg. In addition, topped with three strips of hickory-smoked bacon, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and mayo”. The picture shows a creation that looks to be about 7 inches high, with half a garden’s worth of tomatoes, lettuce, and that barely visible “fresh” fried egg. The cheese however, does show square corners… hmmm. Wonder what the real thing looks like. And maybe you can precede it with an order of the $8.99 “Nacho Ordinary Chili Nachos”. Clever folks those marketing people. Don’t want a burger? Maybe that $11.79 Chicken Parm Pasta (wait, you could go next door for that). How about a (Adult) beverage? Sure. Coors or Bud light, Corona Extra, Guiness, or (gulp) Blue Moon. Wine? KJ chard or merlot, or Woodbridge. So maybe your hamburger dinner sets you back 35 bucks..

I know there are people who will tell me they love RR, and probably it is good. But what’s the real cost? Doo Dah Deli closing? Corbles going out of business? Brome Howard Inn stopping service? Old Field Inn shuttering? Tough times.



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